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18 Replies to “Guestbook”

  1. Matthias – We can’t thank you enough for the amazing travels we had with you through the Luther sites of Germany. Your incredible knowledge and expertise, your kindness and assistance with the wheelchair needs of our group, your unique and personal perspective on East Berlin and East Germany, your advice on food, wine, beer, public transportation, … you were an excellent guide in every way. Everyone in our group had a truly wonderful time, and we thank you for your part in making that happen!

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! It was a joy and pleasure to travel with you – and I hope we will meet soon again – maybe next year for a trip in Italy?!

  2. Matthais, thank you so much for a wonderful tour of Germany. Your knowledge and expertise made seeing all of the beautiful sites most enjoyable. I truly appreciate you “going the extra mile” for me and for taking care of all of us. I look forward to doing another tour with you some time soon.

    • Hi Heidi, thank you so much for your wonderful comment! It was a pleasure to travel with you and I’m happy that I could be helpful adding some “extra miles”! Hopefully see you again – maybe next year with Donna’s Christmas tour?!

  3. Mattias,
    I have just been able to watch your presentation on Martin Luther that you did for Passports this past week. It was so nicely done. We had intended to get to Germany and do the Reformation tour this summer. Obviously, that is not happening.
    Thank you so much again for your presentation.

  4. Thank you for these heartfelt words and for always being a ray of sunshine. We had such a wonderful time with you in Italy and are looking forward to Bavaria next summer. We are so sad that we had to postpone, but we will be all the more grateful to see you next summer. Be safe. Much love to you and Matthias!

  5. Sara – Just a short note to let you know how much Jim & I enjoyed touring with you this September from Rome to Naples to Sicily. Your exceptional skills made our first trip to Europe nothing short of spectacular! You are so much more than a guide – a friend, sister, mother, nurse, menu consultant, interpreter, liaison. Thank you so very much for making this trip so memorable.

  6. Sara, I just sent a commendation to Imagine Tours for the excellent guide that you were on our trip and thought that I would send one to this website but quickly realized that you own the company! Feel free to use the following comments which are similar (OK – it didn’t end up being so similar) to what I sent Imagine (although I couldn’t get the words to copy). I will try to send some pictures in the coming days to you – especially ones of you in action!

    Thank you for being the excellent guide that you were on our recent trip with West Park Baptist Church to Rome, Germany, and Switzerland. I was amazed at the proficiency of speaking fluently in four different languages that we needed on our trip (I didn’t hear Spanish, although I understand that you speak that as well). You are an extremely intelligent woman and professional business person that was very personable as well. Your knowledge of the places that we went, the history, the local folklore and mannerisms, the things that we wanted or needed to know was astounding. Watching you work with the local guides and the local service providers was a lesson in proficient yet personal business practices. Your group management skills had to come from a wealth of experience. You attended to the needs of the group as well as individual needs. Your boundless energy amazed me! I don’t know how you were able to accomplish all that you did. Your work ethic was incredible. I so appreciated the measures that you took above the call of duty to provide us experiences that were not on the agenda. I cannot imagine having taken the trip with anyone else – I don’t see how it could have been any more rewarding. We have a lifetime of memories in such a short few days and you were such a vital component of that experience that I will forever be grateful that you were there for us. We all have a new friend. May God richly bless you for the blessing that you were to us! Thank you so very, very much!!

  7. Sara:
    I just have to tell you that you made or trip one of the best ever. You took such good care of us. We did everything we wanted to do and more. I feel very fortunate to have know you and thank you for sharing all of your experiences.
    You made me feel like I was part of your family. That made everything so special. I feel like I have made a friend for life.

    I have never been so relaxed and satisfied with a vacation before this one. You made every thing move so smoothly and created a very informative moment of it all. The restaurants you picked where exciting and the places we toured where just what we wanted.
    Raymond has already put a very good report to Discovery Europe and the told use of your tour to the Lake District. You might see us again.

    Hope all is well with you, your husband and your dog. We are all fine here except we both have colds!!!!! See what you get while on a airplane.

    David , Raymond, Justin and Fiona

  8. Hello Sara.
    Thank you for all of your guidance during our trip to Rome, Germany, and Switzerland in April. Your expertise and direction, sprinkled with timely doses of humor, truly enriched our Reformation tour experience. Your input and extra knowledge of the people and the history of the areas we traveled added a great deal to the experience. Your excitement for sharing your part of the world is contagious.

    Our memories of this once in a lifetime trip will always have your stamp on them. As you are seen over the years in our pictures, we will have nothing but found thoughts of our time together. God has placed you in a very unique and useful position in our world. I thank Him for that.

    Thank you for the years of study and preparation to get to the level of expertise that you exhibit, and thank you for being so warm and understanding to the excited and weary travelers on a regular basis. I pray God continues to bless you richly as you learn more about Him and His world.

    Thanks again for everything,
    Dr. Rick
    West Park Baptist Church

  9. Sara,
    Reaching out to you to say thank you again for trip in Italy!
    Such a wonderful time.
    Talked with our friends Jan and Tom Bauch. They took a trip with Matthias to Turin a few years back! Small world!
    Tom and Cindy Crook

  10. Good Morning Matthias,
    Thank you for the once in a lifetime experience with the Lutheran Tour, even if I am not a Lutheran.
    I went because of my Mother,( again she was right, most mothers are), this was a awesome lifetime experience that I will remember for ever thanks to the group and you and our interesting city tour guides.
    The best part was you teaching us the pride of being free and how we should cherish it always but never forget the past. I am going to recommend you to some private schools and church groups, even if they are from Texas, ha! ha!.
    Your knowledge and since of humor made my Mother’s and my travel experience, exceptional. Every time we think of you and Willy we will do it was a smile.
    Remember we always have a door open to you and your wife if you would like to see the nice Texas.
    Melanie and Joanne
    P.S. Do not go through customs in Philadelphia, worst customs we have ever been through…Houston is the best.

  11. Matthias, thank you for being such an awesome tour guide! I know I can speak for our entire group (46 of us!) when I say we would all use your services again. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning so much from you. I hope you and your wife are doing well!

  12. Matthias, Gary and I enjoyed every minute of our trip with Pastor Hein and you as our expert guide. It’s hard to pick our favorite site. The river cruise was the perfect birthday gift for Gary. Happy to recommend you as a guide anytime! Thank you for an enjoyable trip through Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Linda Pantier

  13. Thank you so very much, Matthias, for a guided tour across Europe that my family will never forget! You brought so much heart and insight into all the places we visited and did not guide us like a talking Wikipedia page. I will recommend you to every person I know that is thinking about traveling oversees!

    Thanks again!

    Marissa (& Jason)

  14. Hi Sara; We enjoyed touring with you and your many personalities. We loved them all. It is the tour guide that really makes the tour. You took it to a higher level with your expertise, experience and languistics. You were superb. Thanks for a wonderful and memorable tour of Europe. God Bless. Be safe and much love from Silver Spring, Maryland. USA.

  15. Hi Sara! Still recouping after just arriving back to the USA two days ago. But, what a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience we had on our 15 Circle tour of Europe with you as our guide. You were fantastic and so informative and I came back feeling like I made a true friend. Will be following your site. Thank you so much.

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